Why Do I Want a Nexus Card?

If you travel between Canada and the US, this card can be a great timesaver. This card allows you to use the much shorter TSA Precheck or Nexus lines to expedite your entry into either country. Canada Border Protection Services created the following video to explain the program: Nexus Video.

We use the card every time we travel to the US.

Qualifications for Trusted Traveler (NEXUS)

Nexus CardTo access the NEXUS program, you must be a citizen of Canada or the United States of America and you must be a resident of either country; non-resident citizens cannot get NEXUS Cards, OR Permanent Resident of Canada or the United States of American AND you must have lived in the country you are a permanent resident in for no less than 3 years. Certain exceptions apply for Mexican nationals and persons working or studying in Canada or the U.S. – see below.

NEXUS Application Process

There are a myriad of websites that purport to speed you through the process for a fee. They add little or nothing to the process. Do not be fooled by the titles or tales on these websites. The cost for the application is $50, whereas these websites charge that fee plus a hundred or more dollars for their minuscule services.

The process is quite simple:

Step 1: Find out if you’re eligible – Qualifications

Step 2: Gather your documents –
In Canada
a valid passport;
a birth certificate and photo ID;
a Canadian citizenship certificate or card; or
a Certificate of Indian Status.
In the United States
a valid passport;
a birth certificate and photo ID;
a U.S. citizenship certificate;
a certificate of naturalization; or
a border crossing card.

Canadian or U.S. permanent resident

In Canada
a valid Permanent Resident Card; or
a Record of Landing.
In the United States
a valid Permanent Resident Card

Mexican nationals who are members of Viajero Confiable
valid passport
a valid work or study permit, if required.

Working or studying in Canada or the United States

a work permit; or
a study permit.

Step 3: Complete the application – you can apply online here. You will need to create a login and password to access the application. Or you can download and print this form and fill it in on paper. Full details can be found on that page.

Step 4: Pay the fee. The non-refundable application processing fee is $50 (Can or US) for a five-year membership. Children under the age of 18 are free.

Step 5: Schedule an interview – After your application has been tentatively approved, you will need to appear in person at one of the interview sites. See the complete list found here. Please note that there are both land and airport sites. Be sure to check both to find the most convenient one for you.

Keep in mind that I have used the Canadian website to get the info. You could also use the U.S. website to obtain the same info, but you will end up in the same place to submit your application and schedule an interview.