You Must Travel Now Before It’s Too Late!

TearsSometimes life throws us a nasty curve, and all our plans are for nought. We had planned to travel in February to Florida to board a cruise for the Caribbean,and in June to London for a trip around the British Isles. Well those trips are not to be!

I went to my doctor for my biweekly allergy shot and that ended my travel. We’re not sure whether we will be confined to Ontario for a short time, or forever. A casual comment caused my doctor to ask a number of questions, and suddenly I am under a no travel advisory. He has booked a number of tests, and depending on the results, I may need further medical intervention.

We were able to cancel one trip without incurring any costs, but the other was too late, and now we are waiting for insurance to evaluate our claim. We could travel, but our insurance would not likely pay for any medical issues that might occur. My doctor advises, that though an issue is unlikely, should one occur, the costs could exceed $100,000. Not sure about you, but our bank account would certainly suffer from that bill! So our international and inter-provincial travel is on hold for a bit.

Big Smile


We’re good to go! We’re free to travel the world in the new year.

We’re looking at trips right now and deciding what to book. Looks like the Mediterranean in March. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Update: 2

We’re booked on the new Sun Princess in March. Maybe we’ll see you there.