Seniors Travelling Off to Nowhere to See Nothing

I don’t know about other senior travellers, but Covid-19 has certainly caused us to reappraise our travel plans. Our trip to China was rescheduled for next spring. We are not sure that we will go even if it goes ahead then. We were booked on a cruise around Great Britain late in July. Obviously, with the cancellation of so many cruises, ours was not spared. Not that we would have gone if it hadn’t been. I am not sure when we will feel safe travelling on a plane, never mind a ship.

Future Travel Plans

Right now, our travel consists of walking around our neighbourhood. We are very fortunate to be very close to the university and the trail system around it. There is a very small lake (pond really) in the middle of the campus, and wild fowl are frequent visitors. There is a nature trail that leads down to the college and then continues to an indoor shopping mall (closed for the duration). We can walk safely for several miles before heading home on a sidewalk alongside a busy street.

If things quiet down soon, and we feel that it is safe for seniors to travel, we will be going by auto this summer. Depending on how safe we feel, we may just do some day trips into the area. When we feel a little more secure, we will probably travel to Southern Ontario to visit my children and their families. But that is certainly not a sure thing.


motorhomeAbout now, a motorhome or camper van sounds like an enticing way for seniors to travel. Presuming of course that your destination(s) is(are) safe and sanitary. Since you could provide your own meals and accommodations, there would be no worries about crowded restaurants. No chance of catching the virus because a hotel room wasn’t thoroughly cleaned. And no depending on someone else for keeping places safely sanitized.

If you own a motorhome or camper van, this may be the year to make good use of it. I’m not sure that investing in a motorhome for the one summer is a wise investment. If there is a rental near you, perhaps a short-term lease or rental may be useful. I found very few near us. If we were willing to drive for about 12 hours, the rate would be between $200 and $400 a day plus taxes, etc, etc.


After reading a bit and watching some YouTube videos, Joan and I are not too enthused with the idea of RV travel. It would appear that many folks have the same idea, and social distancing might be a problem in the campgrounds. Many are not opening their comfort stations as they do not have the resources to keep them sanitized. Senior travellers may not feel safe in many of these areas.

Camping for Senior Travellers

Camping may also be a fairly safe method of travel, depending on how crowded the camping facilities end up. [Note: It now appears that campgrounds are not really safe places for seniors at this moment.]

Since neither Joan nor I are enamoured of outhouses or portable toilet facilities, camping is nowhere to be found on our list. Especially, since the few experiences we have had with these structures during our travels. We have been led to believe that sanitation and cleanliness are not high on the list of the facility providers. Potential instruments of mass contagion. I didn’t even look for rental prices.

It appears that government parks are opening again, but on a limited basis. Not that we would stay there. Reservations may be hard to come by, so if you choose this route, book early.