Drama on I-35

Great start to vacation. I pulled out to go around a transport on I-35 and a large piece of metal came at me. Luckily it went under rather than through the car, but it cost us three hours and two new tires.

We saw a Highway Patrol and a Sheriff’s Office hurrying up the north bound side of the highway and we wondered where the accident was. Oops! They were coming to check us out. It seems that we had been forced to stop on the left side of the interstate just past a corner. Traffic was modest, but it seemed that every second vehicle passed within inches of our vehicle, causing it to rock back and forth. Once the police and sheriff’s vehicles were situated, traffic stayed to the right and it was much more comfortable.

Auto Club Fail

I called the auto club and they promised to dispatch a vehicle as a first priority. An hour later, with no auto club in sight, the Highway Patrol Officer called a nearby towing company. He arrived promptly and looked after getting us safely off the interstate so that he could change our tire. Turns out he was the auto club vehicle for the area, but had never received a call. Bad service auto club!

Met Some Great Folks

I must say that because of this incident we met a really nice Minnesota Highway Patrol Office (didn’t think to write his name down) and a great tow truck driver. They phoned nearby garages, etc. until they found us tires – 16″ winter tires are hard come by so it seems. The tire guys at Walmart were great! We were in and out in under an hour. A big thank you to all of them for getting us looked after and on our way safely.

Second Time, Same Spot

That’s the second time we have lost a tire to that section of I-35. Last time the car in front of us dropped it’s exhaust right in our path ;>)

Hopefully, the end of the drama for this trip.