Arizona Again

Well it looks like we are going to Arizona after all. Joan and I found a new place to stay, and the host seems to be happy with our payment.

Instead of staying in Tucson, we are now going to be staying in Mesa, but that’s okay. We just want a base to return to after our excursions to the various places of interest around the state.

We are planning on taking about a week to drive down to Arizona. The trip could make be done in four days, but why rush? By taking our time, we expect to be able to catch a few sites of interest along the way, and maybe find a few interesting places to eat.

Although travelling to Winnipeg will add a full day to our travel time, we may do that. Joan has relatives near there, and we would be able to stop briefly for a visit. It’s still to be decided whether or not we will take the side trip.

As usual, when travelling to the US, we expedite our border crossing using our Nexus cards.