Airbnb Disaster

Looked like we were going to Arizona.

We booked an apartment through Airbnb. They accepted our request and our money. Within about ten minutes we got an email from the host saying that Airbnb had charged us the wrong rate.

Most businesses eat their mistakes, but not Airbnb! They sent us a request for more money – almost 50% more. Of course, we refused. They cancelled our reservation and promised to assist us in finding another place. Their assistance involved sending us the link for all of the apartments in the area – exactly the one we had used to find the now cancelled booking. Great customer service!

They promised to refund to our credit card, but “it might take up to 5 weeks to actually get the refund.” Funny, they could get the money from me in seconds, but it was going to take forever for me to get it back????

After posting our experience on the Airbnb forum, I can report that we did get the full refund minus $60 lost on the exchange. Another case of the guilty getting off scott free, while the innocent had to pay. I’m not impressed with Airbnb’s business practices and wouldn’t recommend them to others.