Jim and Joan

What is our goal?

We plan to bring useful information from an older senior perspective to every post. We like to travel, but since we are seniors, health travel insurance is our biggest concern. We are booked for a cruise around the British Isles this summer, but Covid-19 could alter that trip. We didn’t start travelling seriously until about twelve or so years ago when we got married and went for a cruise on our honeymoon. We have come to realize that seniors have unique concerns when they travel.

Who are the Seniors Travelling?

We are a couple of travelling seniors living in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I am a husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. My wife Joan never had children, but has been accepted by my extended family as one of their own, as have I by hers. Life for us is great ;>)

Our roles on the team

Joan is creative and artistic, so she is going to do most of the camera work. Since I am more of a techie, I’ll look after the web stuff. Joan is the cute one, but since she will be behind the camera most of the time, I will be the on camera persona of the team. We hope to have fun, and provide a little value to you the reader/viewer.

Why this blog?

We have created this blog, and the soon to be vlog to share our experiences, and to have fun. If this turns out to be work, as in not fun, you can bet we will make some changes ;>)

Where have we been?

Although we have travelled quite a bit in the last eight years, there are still lots of places for us to explore. For those who like lists, here is an incomplete list of where we have been:

Travel by Car:

Duluth & Minneapolis Minnesota – fairly often
Orlando Florida (including Disneyworld of course)
Southern Ontario – London, Toronto, Peterborough, Merrickville, Ottawa, Kingston, etc
Eastern Canada – Moncton New Brunswick, Digbee, Halifax and Truro Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island
Montreal Quebec
Arizona – extended stay in Tempe, but visited many places in the state

Travel by Cruise Ship:

Caribbean – twice – by Princess Cruises
Panama Canal – twice – once by NCL and once by Princess Cruises
MediterraneanĀ  – five times (visited Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Malta, France, Crete, Montenegro and more) – by Princess Cruises
British Isles – including most major coastal cities – by Princess Cruises

Travel by River Cruise:

Budapest to Amsterdam on Viking Cruises – Hungary, Germany, Austria, Netherlands

Fly and Stay:

(We may try to write about the experience in some of these places.)
Vancouver British Columbia – just before a cruise to Alaska
Portugal – Lisbon and then the Algarve
Barcelona, Spain – twice before cruises
Rome and Venice, Italy before cruises
London, England before cruise
Toronto, Canada many, many times
Florida – Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale many times