A Short Visit to Winnipeg Manitoba

We have not done any large-scale travelling lately. But we did make a brief run to Winnipeg in early June. The trip was okay, and we did see a few of the sights. Nothing we haven’t seen on most other trips to Winnipeg.

River Cruise

If you do head to Winnipeg, you should make a point of visiting The Forks. While you are at The Forks take a half-hour river cruise from the nearby dock. The cost is minimal (about $10 a person) and the information on the river and surrounding area is interesting. We probably should have taken a picture or two from the boat – my bad.

Dinner Theatre

We attended a nearby dinner theatre. Unfortunately, Joan got ill and we were forced to leave before we saw much of the show. Again, the meal was okay and the show, although not Broadway, was worth the price.

Ice Cream

We found a great little ice cream place that made truly great ice cream. I forget the name, but they are expanding. Soon, according to staff, their products will be available in Metro stores. Note: A year later and we still haven’t seen it in our Metro stores ;>(

If you are heading that way, just remember, Canada has two seasons on the highway – winter and construction – so be prepared for delays.