11 Days and Counting to Barcelona

Emerald PrincessWe will be leaving for Barcelona in 11 days. Joan and I will spend a few days visiting the sights there before we embark on the Emerald Princess for a 22 day cruise of the Mediterranean.

Excitement is building as we gather up the odds and sods we expect to need on this trip. A visit to the dollar store allowed us to snag a number of potentially useful items to bring along with us.

I was debating about making a video of the stuff we pack, but decided against it. Packing videos have been done so many times and from so many perspectives that I felt it would be a waste of our time. I will however, mention a few items to keep in mind when seniors travellers, like ourselves, are packing.


Like many seniors, we require daily doses of prescription medications, even while on a trip. Since we will be travelling by air, we will bring our prescription medications in the original containers to keep TSA agents from trashing them as suspicious drugs. On the other hand, we will mix our vitamins and minerals in our pill organizers as they are not essential. We can survive if they are confiscated. You may need to bring original containers for them also, if a vitamin or mineral is a daily necessity. A lost bag with our pills would be a disaster. We keep all of pills in our carry-on to ensure that they arrive with us.

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